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How to Fix Scenery.CFG Error Area.115 1

This is an error that almost every FSX user comes across at least once. When the listings in scenery library [content from the scenery.cfg file] has an area which cannot be found on hard drive because either the files are not present on your hard drive or the directory/file pointer of the scenery library does not determine where the scenery files are present on your hard drive.

The 115 denotes an indexing number, instead of an actual file name. For example, let’s assume that in your Scenery Library the BVATC_KBOS folder is named as Scenery Area 15. It may be mentioned as number 15, but the folder to which it references is not named “15″ itself. Read the rest of this Article »

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Print spooler service gives the print command to printer. It can manage numerous print commands and forwards to the print one by one until last print is done. Print spooler service works with two system files i.e., spoolss.dll / spoolsv.exe.

Sometimes when you try to print it shows an error message like the print spooler service is not running and sometimes it is unable to add the printer to print something.

How to resolve the print spools errors and adding the printer 1

This article will guide you how to solve this problem. If the print spooler service keeps stopping spontaneously The main reason behind it can be the driver conflict.If this is true please update the printer drivers, however if there is any other issue then follow the following steps. Read the rest of this Article »

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Users of windows XP experience 1603 error mostly. This common error is due the installation of invalid applications of Microsoft installer. The fixation of this error is very simple; you can handle this problem without downloading any software from internet. You just need to log in to your operating system of windows.

Windows installer error 1603 server 2008 2 Read the rest of this Article »

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What is printer spooler service?

Printer spooler service sends command to attached printer for the printing of documents. You can send multiple tasks to printer by using printer spooler service. This service manages multiple tasks and works till the last print comes out of the printer. There are two flies which work with printer spooler services that are spoolsv.exe and spools.dll. Read the rest of this Article »

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If you have a print server with Windows Server 2008 and the CPU of the print spooler service occasionally become slow for a while, it may cause one of the following issues:

Some print jobs can miss on the print server.

Print spooler service may stop responding when you want to restart it. Read the rest of this Article »

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There are numerous causes of “vista spooler subsystem is not working” problem. In fact, most of the Viruses and Trojans does goal the “print spooler subsystem service” to corrupt. They can also debase the print spooler’s registry service as Print spooler service is the only service which affects most of the users who want to use the printer. When users want to print out something they get the error message

“Print spooler service has stopped please restart the service.”


The local print spooler subsystem is not working.

Vista Spooler Subsystem App is not working

Vista Spooler Subsystem App is not working

Please restart the spooler. Read the rest of this Article »

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Did you try to give a command to print an essential document out and received an error message stating “Spooler subsystem app stopped working vista 32”? (While being on a Windows Vista workstation). After many consecutive attempts, you are still helpless and getting irritated? Here we are to seize you out of the annoying situation.

Why does this error occur?

There might be multiple elements that cause this error.

i.            There is much probability that a print driver is causing corruption in the spooler process and its memory.

ii.            Another cause can be that the LDP port was not turned off after installation of a new printer driver.

iii.            Sometimes a mere update of a heavy app or file may also lead to the stoppage of spooler subsystem.

iv.            The expiration of your spooler subsystem app can also be resultant in such an error.

v.            Some stingy virus or a totally irrelevant software destruction may also take you to such an error! Read the rest of this Article »

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You were indulged in a very interesting game with full enthusiasm and suddenly it got frozen and crashed. Or you were keenly watching a fascinating movie and it got stuck and the screen disappeared. Ohh! Your display driver was wrecked out! Prepare yourself to mend it and continue the interrupted entertainment.


The Windows XP-based computer you have might quit suddenly or quit responding, and after that you receive an error message identical to the following:

  • “The display driver has stopped working normally” Or
  • “The igxprd32 display driver had stopped functioning normally… crash!”  or some other similar message.

Read the rest of this Article »

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In this article I will show you what is a pup optional virus is and I will show you how to easily remove it from your machine. Good news is that this threat is not classed as a virus, PUP stands for Potentially Unwanted Program. It is not considered more a potential threat more than a virus, But if you don’t take action and remove this threat it could help to infect your machine with a virus.

What Is a Pup Optional Virus Read the rest of this Article »

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At times, it happens that a certain message on your computer/laptop screen gives you a slight jolt.  Like, if you are expecting a printed page coming out of the printer you have connected, soon after giving a command of print out, and a message “the print spooler is not working” appears on the screen. Let all the worries go! Be ready to sweep it off.


The causes for receiving such an error message might be the following:

  • It usually happens if due to some virus, your software has been affected or has become defective.
  • Or you have installed new windows version and the drivers for printer get deleted automatically.
  • Unexpectedly, sometimes you eradicate any version of MS Office that was unused and you later find that an error has occurred in your print spooler service.
  • You tried to download all updates for your windows and you can’t install any printers as windows print spooler service has not been loaded. If you move to services and try to start the service, you get an error message stating “Windows could not start the Print spooler service on Local Computer” or saying “Error 1053. It might even be a note displaying “This service could not respond to the initiating or control request in a scheduled fashion”.

Read the rest of this Article »

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