3 Ways How To Find Your Windows 10 Product Key

When you install windows 10 you will need to enter a 25 character product key to activate your copy of windows 10.  In this article I will show you 3 methods how to find your windows 10 product key in your existing windows 10 install.  To watch a video of this article click here

How To Find Your Windows 10 Product Key

If you want to re-install Windows 10 on your machine it is very important to make sure you have your Windows 10 Product key before you attempt a re-install.

How To Find Your Windows 10 Product Key

It is important to keep a record of your windows 10 product key because microsoft do not keep a record of who has bought a license. If you lose your license information you can use the methods below to recover your license information.

I have three methods listed below which will show you how to easily recover your windows 10 license.

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Method 1 – Find Your Windows 10 Product Key Via CMD

The first method I have for you we will use the command prompt (CMD) to find the windows 10 product key.

  • First click start type in cmd then right click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as AdministratorHow To Find Your Windows 10 Product Key via cmd
  • If you get a prompt about user access control click yeswindows 10 product key UAC
  • In the command prompt window enter the command wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey and hit enterwindows 10 product key command
  • Your windows 10 product key will now be shown. (Please note I have blurred out my windows 10 product code for obvious reasons)product key for windows 10
  • If this method did not work for you try method 2, or you can post in the comments section for helped

Method 2 – How To Find Your Windows 10 OEM Product Key

Some machines come with what is called an OEM Product key.  This license key can be re-used if you wish to re-install windows 10.

  • An OEM product key is usually written on a label which is attached to the base of your machine. The OEM label will look like the one below.
  • If you have a laptop you might need to open up the cover to locate this label

Method 3 – Recover Windows 10 Product Key With Software

Using a software application called passfab it is possible to recover your product key. Follow the steps below.

  • Download passfab from Here and install and launch the software.
  • On the main screen click Get Keywindows 10 recovery software
  • Your windows 10 serial will now be shownwindows 10 recovery software2

Questions and Answers

    • Question : When I run the command in method 1 no product key is shown?
    • Answer : Check that windows 10 is activated, If it is not activated it will not show.


    • Question : I have already installed a new version of windows on my machine can I still recover?
    • Answer : You can using method 2.  I am afraid it will be to late to use method 2 or 3.


  • Question : Is it possible to export the key from the registry
  • Answer : You can but it will be encrypted and can not be used (Which is why I did not add that method to this article)

If you are still having issues please post about it in a comment below and we will help you out




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