Fixed : Bad_Pool_Header Windows 10 Fix

If your windows 10 machine is crashing to a blue screen of death and displaying the error code Bad_Pool_Header (As shown below) then don’t worry as we have a fix for you.

Bad_Pool_Header Blue Screen Windows 10

Typically yourmachine will crash to this blue screen of death randomly and there will seem like no pattern to the crash.

On the blue screen you will see the text your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart bad pool header.

I have created a video which shows how to fix this issue, to view the video click here

What causes Bad_Pool_Header Crashes In Windows 10?

The Bad_Pool_Header blue screen of death is caused by an issue with your computer processing information in memory.  The memory is unreadable and your system will crash because it does not know what to do.

The main causes for this crash are

  1. Issue with device driver
  2. Corrupt Files
  3. Newly Installed Software
  4. Faulty Hardware
  5. Anti Virus Issues

How to fix Bad Pool Header in Windows 10?

Usually with a blue screen of death in Windows 10 it will show you what file caused the crash, But with this blue screen no file will be listed which makes fixing this issue a bit harder.  Having said that most of the time the issue is caused by an issue with a device driver

Listed below are all the fixes we have to resolve the Bad Pool Header in Windows 10

  1. Update Device Drivers
  2. Reinstall Device Drivers
  3. Run chkdsk : To Fix Corrupt Files
  4. Reseat Memory Modules
  5. Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
  6. Disconnect External Devices
  7. Run Windows Updates
  8. Disable Anti-Virus
  9. Remove Recently Installed Software

Below is a video I created on youtube which shows you how to fix the Bad_Pool_Header blue screen crash in Windows 10

Update Device Drivers

Most of the time the crash is being caused by some sort of issue with a device driver, such as a bug in the driver or a memory leak. To update your device drivers follow these steps

  1. Click Start and type in Device Manager, right click and select run as administrator
  2. If you get prompted by UAC click Yes
  3. I recommend you start by updating the display and network driver
  4. In device manager expand display adaptors, this will show you what display driver you have in your machine. Now visit the manufacturers and download the latest version.
  5. In device manager right click on your display adaptor and select properties
    device manager
  6. Next click on “Browse my computer for driver software
    device driver update
  7. On the next screen click browse, then browse to the directory where you downloaded the updated driver to.
    device driver browse machine
  8. Click next
  9. Repeat steps 4-7 for the “Network Adaptors” drivers
    update network driver
  10. Monitor your system for further crashes.  If you are still getting Bad Pool Header system crashes continue to the next step
  11. Repeat steps 4-7 for the following drivers,  Cameras, Printers, Software Devices, Sound Video and game controllers, System Devices.

If you are running windows 7 and you get the error BAD_POOL_HEADER “0x00000019 (0x00000022, 0x89c9c000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)” avipbb.sys on the blue screen then try uninstalling Avira as Avira has a know bug which causes this crash, More information.

Reinstall Device Drivers

If the device driver is corrupted then it is possible that upgrading the device driver will not help because the corrupted file will not be removed from your system.

To reinstall the driver follow these steps

  1. Click Start and type in Device Manager, right click and select run as administrator
  2. If you get prompted by UAC click Yes
  3. I recommend you start by reinstalling the display and network driver
  4. Expand “Display Adaptors” right click on your device and click on uninstall
    reinstall device drivers
  5. Repeat step 4 for the “Network Adaptors” driver
  6. Restart your system
  7. The drivers will now automatically get reinstalled
  8. Monitor your system for crashes, if you are still experiencing blue screens continue to the next step

Run chkdsk : To Fix Corrupt Files

Another cause of this issue is corrupt files.  We can easily fix corrupted files by running a chkdsk command.

  1. Click start and type in CMD right click and select run as administrator
  2. If prompted by UAC click yes
  3. In the command windows type in chkdsk C: /f /r and hit enter
  4. If you are prompted to schedule the scan at next reboot hit Y and then press enter
  5. Restart your machine
  6. The scan will automatically run and fix any corrupted files it will find

Reseat Memory Modules

It is possible that one of your memory modules is not in the slot correctly. To reseat your memory module do the following

  1. Make sure your computer is turned off
  2. Remove the power cable from your computer
  3. If you are using a laptop remove the battery
  4. Locate where your memory modules are (You might need to look in your computers manual)
  5. Remove one memory module at a time and replace the memory module back in the same slot
    reseat memory modules
  6. Connect battery + power
  7. Turn your machine back on

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Windows 10 has a built in application that we can use to detect issues with the systems memory. To run this tool

  1. Click start and type in Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool right click and select run as administrator
  2. Close down any applications you might have open
  3. On the next screen click “Restart now and check for problems
    restart for memory scan
  4. Your computer will now restart and will automatically start to scan your memory
  5. The current status will be shown, if the scan finishes and it says no errors detected then move to the next step
    memory scan error
  6. If it does find errors it is probably best to replace that memory module with the error

Disconnect External Devices

Some times external drives connected to your system can cause the Bad_Pool_Header crashes. I recommend you remove the following from your system

  • Any USB devices you might have (USB Hubs, Storage, Printers, Scanners)
  • If you are using a USB mouse and keyboard try them in a different USB port
  • Any additional monitors
  • If this does resolve the crashes connect one device back to your system at a time so you find out which device is causing the issue

Run Windows Updates

Microsoft are releasing hotfixes / updates for the windows 10 operating system every month, It is possible that one of these updates will resolve the issue we are having.

To run windows updates

  1. Click start menu
  2. Click the settings button (Looks like a gear)
  3. Click Update and Security
  4. Click Windows Update tab in the sidebar
  5. Click Check for updates
  6. Your machine will now contact the Microsoft update server and will download and install any updates that are found

Disable Anti-Virus

Try to disable your anti-virus for a few hours to see if this stops your machine from crashing.  Your anti virus might have been updated recently with out you noticing and this is causing the issue.

I also recommend you take a look if there is an update you can install for your anti-virus software.

If you do disable your anti-virus make sure you remember to re-enable it when you are finished testing.

Remove Recently Installed Software

Is some recently installed software on your machine causing these Bad_Pool_Header crashes?  Just to be safe lets uninstall any software that was installed when the crashes started.  To uninstall recently installed software follow these steps

  1. Click start and type in programs
  2. click on Add or remove programs
    add remove programs
  3. Now click on sort by and select Installation date, Then take a look at the date of when software was installed.  In the example below if the crashes started on 09/04/2020 I would uninstall the three programs that were installed
    remove recently installed software
  4. After the applications have been removed reboot your machine and monitor your systemd

Clean Boot Windows 10

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