Can A Power Supply Unit (PSU) Cause a BSOD?

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Has your system started crash into a blue screen of death recently and you are wondering if it’s the power supply unit that is causing the crashes?

Are you worried about what damage this could do to your system?

Could it cause more damage the crashes?

Can a PSU Cause A BSOD

Yes a power supply unit can cause a blue screen of death on your system, overtime it can also cause further issues such as breaking hardware.

Typically a power supply unit will not cause a blue screen of death it will simply shut down or restart your system.

If the voltage is incorrect it could cause issues for the processor and memory to process system commands which could result in a blue screen.

Can A Power Supply Unit (PSU) Cause A BSOD

It could also cause overheating in your system as the fans are not extracting heat at an optimal level.

Signs of a faulty power supply unit

If you have a faulty power supply unit in your computer it’s not very obvious but there are a few signs that you can look out for.

The signs include

1. random shutdowns

if your machine is not getting enough power or constant power it will frequently shutdown or restart

2. freezing

if there is an issue with the fan on the power supply unit or supplying power to the motherboard fans this will cause your system to overheat and freeze

3. Blue Screen Of Deaths

as mentioned above another sign could be frequent or random blue screen of death

4. Noise

The power supply unit is making more or less noise than usual

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How To Fix PSU Causing BSOD

To stop the blue screen of death you need to make sure that your power supply unit is strong enough for your system.

The easiest way to test this is to remove any external devices that use power such as

  • USB storage devices
  • USB mobile phone chargers
  • Printers and scanners
  • Any other external device that uses power

If you have removed all external devices from your machine and you are still getting screen of death continue to the next step.

Next we need to make sure that there are no loose cables, trace each cable that is coming out of your power supply unit and unplug it from where it’s plugged into such as the motherboard or fan then plug it back in.

It is possible that one of the cables is loose and if you unplug it and plug it back in this will hopefully fix the issue.

The last thing we can try it’s to replace the power supply unit with a new one.

For instructions on how to replace a PSU take a look at this video

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What is the lifespan of a PSU?

A power supply unit typically lasts up to 10 years as long as you are not putting it under high stress such as overloading it for long periods. power supply units really fail in systems

Can a Faulty Power Supply Unit Cause Random BSOD’s

Yes, a faulty power supply unit can cause blue screen of death on your machine. All of the computers components require a steady flow of power, if they do not get a steady flow your machine will crash.

What causes PSU to fail?

The most common reasons for a power supply unit to fail include power cuts, lightning strikes directly or near your property and over stressing your power supply unit