Citrix Client Printers Do Not Autocreate

Client printers do not auto create when you connect to a citrix server running citrix presentation server or Xenapp server. You will also get lots of errors in the eventlog about client printers failing to Autocreate.

Citrix Client Printers Do Not Autocreate

Systems Affected
The citrix systems that are affected by Citrix Client Printers Do Not Autocreate are, Citrix Presentation Server Version 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 Xen App 4.0, 4.5, 5.0.  I guess metaframe XP but I have not used this version of citrix

Things You Need To Check

The very first thing I would check is if the “Printer spooler” and “Citrix Print Manager Service” windows services are started. I have seen that these 2 services stop quite often, to help prevent this click start > run and type in services.msc and click enter.  Then double click on the service and click on the recovery tab, now select “Restart Service” for the 1st 2nd and 3rd failure.

Why do the two above services stop?? Its basically because print jobs crash the spooler.  Always try to install the latest printer driver on your citrix server.  I have seen over the years that older drivers cause so much trouble, not only with crashing the services but also crashing the server itsself.

Now lets check if client printers are configured to Autocreate when a user logs on. Open the start menu and go to administrative tools and click on “Citrix Connection Configuration” double click the ICA Protocol. Select the Client Settings button, ensure “Connect client printers at logon” is checked.  Also check the following boxes are not checked under the client section.

-Disable Windows Client Printer Mapping

-Disable Client LPT Mapping

Check the driver is installed on the citrix server.  First of all go in to the printer settings on the clients machine and see exactly what printer driver they are using, lets say the client is using a “HP Laserjet 4000 PS” this printer driver will also need to be installed on the citrix server. If the client is an administrator on the citrix server the driver should automatically install when they log on (Unless the citrix policy blocks it, more on that later) but if the client is not an administrator the driver will not get installed on the citrix server.

If the driver is not installed the printer will not get Autocreated.  What we can do is create a citrix policy that says,  If the printer driver does not exist on the citrix server use the “Citrix Default Printer Driver”  This is what I have setup in my environment and it works very well.  If the driver is installed on the citrix server but is not getting Autocreated when the client logs on it could be because the printer driver simply isn’t compatible with citrix servers.  Check with the manufacturer if the printer driver is compatible with citrix / terminal servers. To prove if the driver is compatable with your citrix / terminal server you can change the print driver on the clients machine to a different driver, I would recommend using HP Laserjet 4000 or HP Laserjet 4050.  When you have changed the driver log back in to citrix, if your printer now Autocreating and it didnt before you know the problem is a driver issue on the client.

You can also verify what printer drivers are installed on the local citrix server by going in to the registry and browsing to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments \Windows NT x86\Drivers\

Can administrators client printers autocreate ok? If they can and normal users can not, check the permissions on the following folders. Users must  have at least Read, Write, and Execute.



Now lets check the citrix Policies.  Open Citrix management console, click on policys then right click on the policy that is being applied to the server you are logging on to and click properties, then select Printing > Client Printers > Auto-creation, make sure this option is enabled and when connecting select “Auto-create the client’s default printer only” Now select “Turn off client printer mapping” make sure this option is either not configured or disabled.

Now click on the drivers folder and select “Universal driver” it is a good idea to enable this setting and set it to “Use universal driver only if requested driver is unavailable” Select the “Session Printers” option and make sure it is enabled and “choose client’s default printer” is set to “Set default printer to the client’s main printer”

Is there a problem with the local Ctx_SmaUser user account? This user requires minimum permissions to the listener of query information and virtual channels.  This could of changed if the user account is locked out, has been disabled, or has been deleted and re-created.  Also If the ica-tcp listener has been manually recreated the Ctx_SmaUser is not added to the listener by default. To check and apply the correct permissions take a look at CTX106393

Verify that each client has its own unique client name.  If 2 client have the same name it is possible one clients printers are being Autocreated in to another session and they are getting access denied as they dont have permissions to the other session.

I have seen that installing the latest citrix hotfixes helps with Citrix Client Printers Do Not Autocreate

Re-installing the printer drivers on the citrix server could help

How To Check If The Problem Is Resolved “Citrix Client Printers Do Not Autocreate”

To test if this issue is resolved log on to the citrix server using an ICA connection and make sure that the default printer on your local computer has been mapped within the citrix window.