Citrix Desktop Service Eventid 1049 The Session Was Disconnected

Today I came across this issue where users were getting disconnected from a citrix session strait after they logged on to the server.  I also tried to connect to the server via RDP but the session disconnected after I entered my password.

Looking in the eventlog on the server I saw the below error

  • Source : Citrix Desktop Service
  • Event ID : 1049
  • Log Name : Application

Eventid 1049 the session was disconnected

Symptoms Of The Error

My users reported to me that their citrix receiver keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on their windows 10 machine, the citrix session disconnects immediately after opening the ica session.

I could not connect to any citrix published applications that the troublesome server hosted. Trying to connect to the server via RDP has the same result.  I managed to log on to the server via the console.

After looking in to the issue I found out it was caused by a bug in the VDA agent 7.16 where the ICA listeners cause the session to go in to a disconnected state.

How To Fix Eventid 1049 The Session Was Disconnected

There are two fixes for this issue

  1. Download and install the citrix hotfix CTX231127 or
  2. Upgrade the VDA agent to the latest version