Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.wpc error office 2007

I got this error today Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.wpc error and I managed to fix this error so I thought I would write up about it here. I saw this issue on a microsoft windows 2003 system with microsoft office 2007. I believe this issue also exists on windows 2000 and windows xp machines.  To the left is a screenshot of the error message I got.

When you get the error message you can click on the red X in the top right and the document will open with no issue.  You get this issue when you open a plain text file or another kind of file that is not a Microsoft Word file, but has a .doc extension

mswrd632.wpc error Youtube Video

Below is a video I created on youtube which shows you how to resolve this issue. If you like this video please subscribe to our channel by clicking here

How To Resolve This Issue

This issue is caused by a microsoft office text converter, To resolve this error we need to unregister or delete the mswrd632.wpc text converter by doing the following.

  • open regedit, click start > Run type regedit and click ok
  • located the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Text Converters\Import\MSWord6.wpc
  • Delete the MSword6.wpc folder / key

After following these steps you will not see the error message again. If you have any questions about this guide please post them below. Update I saw this post which is quite helpful to resolve this issue.