How To Fix File System Error (-805305975) When Opening Images

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I have come across the error File System Error (-805305975) a few times at my work and I decided to write this article to show you how to fix this issue.  The error shows after opening an images file (Mostly .jpg and .jpeg files) and looks like the one below

file system error 805305975

This error usually appears after something has changed on your machine. The most common issues is that either the file has become corrupted or a windows update was installed on your system.

There are a few other reasons for this error and I will show you all the fixes for it below.

How To Fix File System Error (-805305975)

To fix the file system error (-805305975) we are going to first fix corrupt files in your system, to do this follow these steps

  • Click Start and type in file explorer and click on the application
    file explorer
  • Now left click on this PC, then right click on the drive where the files are stored that you are having issues opening. In the example below I am using the “Local Disk (C:)” drive
    this pc
  • Select properties
  • Click on the Tools tab and then under error checking click on Check
    error checking
  • If you get prompted by UAC click YES
  • Click on scan drive
  • This application will now scan your machine (as shown below) and will fix any corrupted files that are on your system.
    error check scan
  • Once the scan has finished reboot your machine
  • Try to open up the file again that you were having issues with.

If the File System Error (-805305975) is still showing in your system continue to the next step.

Run Windows Updates

A few months ago microsoft released an update which caused this issue.  To fix what they broke all we need to do is run windows update and install the latest updates as this issue has now been resolved.  To run windows updates follow these steps.

  • Click start > Settings
  • Next click on Update & Security

  • Now click Windows Updates and then click Check for updates
  • Hopefully windows updates will now get downloaded and install and you will not see the error Windows Update Components Must Be Repaired

If you are still experiencing the same issue proceed to the next step.

Upgrade To Latest Windows 10 Feature Update

  • If the above step did not work we can upgrade the windows 10 feature update to the latest version (Currently Feature update version 1909) To do this follow these steps
  • At the windows 10 desktop
  • Click start and click settings (Cog Icon)
    windows 10 settings
  • Click on update & Security
    update and security
  • Half way down the screen it should say “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1909” click on Download and install now
    latest windows 10 feature release 1909
  • Your machine will now download the feature update, expect this to take around 5 minutes.
  • Once the download has completed it will start to install on your system.
  • When the install has finished the status should change to Pending Restart, at this time click restart now
    feature update restart now

Re Download The File

If you downloaded the file from the internet or another machine it is possible that the file got corrupted when it was transferred.

Try to re download the file on to your machine.  Make sure to save the file in a different location on your machine.

If you are still getting the error try downloading the file on to another machine.  We will then know if the issue is the file source or the machine.


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