How To Create a Virtual Machine in Windows 10

In this article I will show you how you can create a virtual machine in windows 10 machine.

A virtual machine is a perfect way to run a second operating system on your machine, This is perfect for testing a new operating system without reinstalling your existing operating system.

Create a Virtual Machine Windows 10

How To Create a Virtual Machine in Windows 10

To create a virtual machine on a windows 10 machine follow the below steps.

1. Download Required Files

To create a virtual machine we are going to download and install an application called Oracle VirtualBox.  To download Oracle VirtualBox go to the download page here and click on Windows Hosts to download the application.

Next download the ISO file for the operating system you want to install on the virtual machine.  In this guide I am going to install Windows 10.  To download the Windows 10 ISO download page

2. Install Oracle VirtualBox

First thing we need to do is install oracle virtualbox

  • In the previous step you should of downloaded a file called VirtualBox-***.exe double click on this file to start the install wizard.
  • On the welcome screen click next
  • On the next screen change the install directory if required and click next
    virtualbox setup
  • Review the custom settings then click next.
    virtualbox custom settings
  • On the final screen click install
    virtualbox install
  • If you get prompted “Would you like to install this device software” click install
  • When the install has completed it will show you the below window, Make sure the tick box is ticked and click finish.
    virtualbox install complete
  • The Oracle VirtualBox application will now load.
    oracle virtualbox main screen

3. Create a Virtual Machine

Now we have installed Oracle virtual box we are now doing to create a virtual machine.

  • To create a virtual machine click on new
    create virtual machine
  • On the next screen give the virtual machine a name,  change the amount of memory you want to give the machine, make sure “Create a virtual hard disk now” is selected and click on create.
    create virtual machine wizard
  • On the next screen change the amount of disk space you want to allocate the machine if needed.  Then leave all other options and click create
    create windows 10 virtual machine
  • Now the virtual machine has been created we can turn it on.  To do this right click on the machine and click start > Normal start.  The first time you start the machine it will prompt you for an ISO or DVD so you can install an operating system.
    start virtual machine