How To Fix Issues With USB Drive Not Showing In My Computer

In this article I will show you how to troubleshoot issues with usb drive not showing in my computer.  When you plug a usb drive in to your computer and it fails to show as a drive it can be caused by many possible issues.  If you are suffering from this issue do not worry we can easily resolve this issue.

There are many reasons why your usb drive is not showing, I have many fixes listed below.

How To Fix Issues With USB Drive Not Showing In My Computer

The first thing we are going to check is if there is a drive mapping conflict. This will usually be the issue nine times out of ten.

  • First open file explorer and right click on “This PC” then click on manageusb drive not showing
  • Now select “Disk Management” You should see your usb drive at the bottom on this screen.  If you do not see your usb drive skip to the next section.  Now right click on the usb drive (Where the arrow pointing down is) and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths” computer management usb drive mapping
  • If the next screen does not list any drive letters click on Addchange usb path
  • Next to “Assign the following drive letter” select a drive letter, If one is already selected select a different drive letter then hit ok.assign drive letter
  • Now if you reopen file explorer you should now see your drive appear.usb drive showing
  • If you are still having issues check out the next possible fix.

USB Port Faulty?

If the above has not worked try plugging the USB drive in to another USB port on your machine.  It is possible there is an issue with one of the USB ports on your machine.

If you are still having an issue post about it in a comment below and we will try to help you out.

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