How To Manually Clear The Windows 10 Update Cache

Manually clearing the windows 10 update cache will resolve most issues you might be having installing the latest windows 10 updates on your machine.

In this guide I will show to step by step how to easily clear the windows 10 update cache from your machine.

How To Manually Clear The Windows 10 Update Cache

Why do we need to clear the cache? If you are having issues running windows update and you get an error similar to the one above (Or one in this article Windows Update Components Must Be Repaired ) it is most likely due to an issue with an update file, Either that file was not fully downloaded or has become corrupt.  I will show you how to resolve this issue in the steps below.

How To Manually Clear The Windows 10 Update Cache

To manually clear down the windows 10 update cache follow these steps.

  • Click start, type in “File Explorer” and left click on file explorer
  • Right click on “Local Disk (C:)” then left click properties
  • On the next windows click on “Disk Clean-up” 
  • Next click on “Clean up system files”
    clean up system files
  • Make sure you tick the boxes next to  “Windows upgrade log files” and “Temporary Windows Installation files” then click on OK.  Your system will now remove these files from your machine.
  • Now click start and type in services and then left click on services application.
  • Scroll down and right click on Windows Update and click stop. Wait for the service to stop which usually takes less than a minute
    windows update service
  • Now open file explorer again and browse to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

  • Now right click on the download folder and select delete, Hit Yes if you are prompted
  • Reboot your machine

We have now managed to manually cleare the windows 10 update cache, Run windows update again to see if your issue is now resolved.

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