How To Use Poses In SIMS 4

If you have ever wanted your Sims to strike a pose, then we are here to tell you how a person can use poses in SIMS 4. Andrew’s Studio’s ‘The Sims 4 Pose Player is a very unique feature with which you can play poses as well as animations in the SIMS 4. If you want your Sims to shake hands or fist bump on demand, then you need to download and add this mod to your game.

Adding this mod to your SIMS 4 game:

You will have to first download Pose Player for installing this mod. You can find this Pose Player on ‘Sims 4 Studio.’ After downloading the .zip file of this mod, read the tutorial to educate yourself about the functionality of this mod. Be sure to download the list of game animations and then enable Mods of your SIMS 4 game. Now, you need to enable ‘Script Mods’ from the Game Options. For this, you need to open Menu and then tap on the Game Options. From Game Options, select ‘Other’ and select ‘Enable Custom Content and Mods’ option as well as the ‘Script Mods Allowed’ option. Now you are ready to install Pose Player.

Installing the Pose Player:

You need to follow the following steps to install Pose Player.

  • Extract both the files available in the ‘.zip’ file and copy them into the Sims 4 mods folder. Go to Documents and open the ‘Electronics Art’ folder.’ In the Electronics Art folder, click ‘The Sims 4’ folder and there you will find the ‘Mods’ folder.
  • Once you have installed the mod on your system, start the game to ensure that the Pose Player is working perfectly. It is necessary to ensure that this working correctly as existing mods on your game may cause conflicts.

Testing the Pose Player:

Click on any Sim in your household and you will see a ‘Pose by Name’ option. Select this option while clicking on any Sim, and then copy an animation. If the animation runs perfectly, this means that the mod is properly installed. Note that if you have already downloaded and placed some pose packs in the ‘Mods’ folder before testing the Pose Player, you can also use the ‘Pose by Pack’ option. Your custom poses will be automatically listed in the ‘Pose by Pack’ option for you to choose and test.

Multiple Sims in the game are able to perform various poses at the same time, however, sometimes Sims need to be linked together to form a certain pose.

Downloading Pose Packs :

After you have successfully installed and tested the Pose Player, you can now search for the perfect pose packs for you. Pose Packs are easy to install and you will need to follow the same process as it requires you to install any other Custom content and mods. You can download your favorite Pose Packs from any site that hosts custom poses, and Stylish Girl, Group Poses#3, and Photo Album are some of the recommended pose packs for you to download.