MS-settings file system error (-2147219200)

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Windows is one of the most popular operating systems developed and advertised by Microsoft Corporation. It’s the most desired system among users for its unique salient features. However, it is far from perfect and is not free from the random system defects. Several occasional troubles or errors take a toll on the gadgets in the long run.

File system errors such as the -2147219200 are one such example, it is one of those common system errors you could stumble upon while using Windows.

MS-settings file system error 2147219200

A terrible sector, corrupt files, incorrect document execution policies, and other reasons are considered to be the major causes of all File System Errors. The error message is generally followed utilizing numbers such as 2018375670, 1073741819, 2147219200, 2147219196, 2147219194, or 805305975, etc.

These errors can arise at any moment for example when opening photos, seeking to run an executable record, launching a PDF or any type of record. If you are already facing the -2147219200 system error and want to know how to fix it then keep on reading this article.

How To Fix File System Error -2147219200

Try to follow these methods below very carefully for overcoming this error. To Fix File System Error -2147219200 follow the steps below.

Fix 1 : Run Disc Check

If you encounter this error, then, perform a disc check and take a look at it as prompted on your screen. Click at the hyperlink named “Check the disk for errors” and Windows will start a disc test automatically. When executed with it, reboot your device and the error may be fixed. If the error seems to persist and can no longer be removed with this step then attempt to comply with the next step referred below.

Fix 2 : Update Device Drivers

Once you stumble upon this error on any of your devices using Windows, then attempting to update your tool drivers can be a great approach.

  • Update your drivers by clicking on the Start button.
  • In the search box just type in “Update Device Drivers”.
  • Choose the update device drivers option.
  • Next, select the perfect alternative driver and click on OK to hold.
  • After updating the drivers your device may recover from the file system error.

This method is extremely simple for you to attempt on your very own. If not then you can take the following approach.

Fix 3 : Run the System File Checker

If the error persists after performing the above updating and fixing method go with the steps as follows:

  • At first, login to your pc with the executive account.
  • Click at the start button and discover the search box. In the quest box type in “cmd”.
  • When Command Prompt appears, right-click on it and run it as administrator.
  • In the Command prompt window, type in ‘SFC/scannow’ and hit Enter to proceed.
  • After this procedure, your device will start a full system file checking.
  • Once completing this step, test the nature of the mistake you were facing.

If the system error nonetheless persists with your set up then jump to the subsequent method given below.

Fix 4 : Update Windows Version

You can also replace or update the Windows version currently running on your device, to troubleshoot this issue. Here are the simple steps for updating your Window to the latest version:

At first, simply click on the Start button.

  • Click at the Settings option.
  • Now, visit the Update and Security option.
  • Choose the Windows Update.
  • Select the Check for Updates option.
  • After completing this window updating procedure, you’ll be capable of troubleshooting this error for your device.

If you can’t carry out this solution or if the problem remains in your device then try to comply with the following step referred to below.

Fix 5 : Perform a System Reset

By trying to perform a device system reset can in many cases solve this sort of error code with your device. In that case, attempt to perform the easy steps cited below:

  • To carry out a system reset, first, click on Start.
  • Now, make a backup of all your important documents and statistics onto an external disk drive.
  • Next up visit Settings to carry out a factory reset.
  • Click on the PC settings.
  • Choose the Update and Recovery option.
  • Click on Delete Everything.
  • Follow the instructions to finish the device restore system.

Technical errors in the file system are bothersome and get in your way of using your device. Losing your precious files, data, and documents can be a nightmare for anyone. So, a list of solutions has been compiled for your convenience.

We hope, with the usage of our technical advice you’ve got this error resolved and your system back to normal. We have compiled the list of best possible methods for resolving the File system error -2147219200. Run the easy to follow instructions on your device to fix the Windows system. In case, you encounter any other technical glitches like these with your gadget then try to follow us to get further troubleshooting posts.

Symptoms of File System Error -2147219200

The early sign of this error appearing in your device is when the Window of your system crashes and a message pops up on your screen showing “Windows has detected file system corruption”. Usually, this error occurs in your local disk (C:) or system drive.

If you have encountered this problem then understanding the reasons behind it will help you finish the troubleshooting process easily and quickly.

The System Error can be caused by the following issues

  • Viruses Encounter with this error on your device could be caused by a virus attack. Stumbling upon a virus attack is very common.
  • Corrupted File System This error also occurs if your file system gets corrupted. You can also come across this mistake due to corrupted Windows drivers as well. As you get the reasons now let’s focus on the answers to restore this issue.