No Audio In Google Chrome In Citrix Environment

I have come across a few times where there is no audio in google chrome in a citrix environment but audio is working for all other applications.

In this article I will show you how to fix this issue

No Audio In Google Chrome citrix envieronment

I have seen this issue personally in windows 2008 + XenApp 6.5 and also windows 2008 / 2016 + XenApp 7.15.

What Causes No Audio In Google Chrome In Citrix Environment

For some reason the citrix environment sand boxes google chrome and prevents it from playing audio.  I am not sure the exact reason why it gets sand boxed but the process to take it out of sand box is easy.

To test if your google chrome has been sand boxed open chrome and go to youtube and play a video.  Now right click on the audio icon bottom right of your task bar and select volume mixer.  You should see the google chrome application listed on the right next to Device + Applications, below you can see there is no google chrome entry because it has been sandboxed.

google chrome sandbox

There are a few different ways to remove google chrome from the sandbox.

How To Fix No Audio In Google Chrome In Citrix Environment

To fix no audio in google chrome in citrix environment we have three fixes

1. Update Google Chrome

This is always the best solution for me and it has resolved the issue every time.  In certain versions of google chrome they have some sort of bug (Example Here) that causes citrix to sand box the audio.

Every time I have come across this issue, updating google has always resolved the issue.

To update google chrome you can click Help > About Google Chrome > Check for updates.  Or you can download the latest version from here

2. Registry Entrys

Another way we fix this audio issue is to create a registry entry that unsand boxes the google chrome application. I have tested this and can confirmed it does work.

To implement this you need to add the following registry entry to all of your XenApp servers.

reg:dword AudioSandboxEnabled = 0

No reboot required just close down and reopen google chrome. Source where I found this fix is here

3. Change Icon Shortcut

The last fix I have for you is to change the shortcut icon that google chrome uses.  We can add a feature to disable the audio service sandbox.  To do this

Right click on the google chrome icon (Location C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs) and click properties, at the end of target enter -disable-features=AudioServiceSandbox then hit ok.

google chrome shortcut

Close google chrome and reopen