How To Speed Up Windows 10 Start Menu With menushowdelay Registry

By default when you click on the start menu in windows 10 a delay is applied to when the start menu is displayed. This delay is called Menu Show Delay time

In this guide I will show you how you can edit the Menu Show Delay time which will speed up your start menu in windows 10.

windows 10 menushowdelay

How To Change The menushowdelay Setting In Windows 10

To change the menushowdelay setting we need to change a registry entry. To do this do the following.

  1. Click start and type in regedit then left click on the regedit application
  2. In the registry editor application go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
    regedit application
  3. In the right hand side window you will see the “MenuShowDelay” entry and it should be set to 400.  Double click on “MenuShowDelay” to edit the entry
  4. In the window that pops up change the value data from 400 to 50 then click ok. (You can set a value between 0 and 4000, the lower the number the quicker the start menu should load.)
    registry edit menushowdelay
  5. Close down the registry editor and restart your machine for the setting to take affect.

If you have any questions about this process please ask in a comment below. Thanks