System Service Exception Blue Screen On Windows 10

In this article I will show you how to fix system service exception blue screen on windows 10.

This System Service Exception will cause your system to randomly crash and keep restarting. You will also lose any unsaved work you might have.

On the blue screen it produces it will give us plenty of information as to what caused the blue screen of death and we can use this information to resolve the issue.

System Service Exception Blue Screen Windows 10

What Causes The System Service Exception?

There are many issues that could cause your system to crash, the most common issues are

  • Issue With Device Driver
  • Corrupt File
  • Hardware Issue
  • Virus

First thing we need to do is look at the blue screen of death to see which file caused the crash. In the screen shot I took earlier we can see the mwac.sys file caused the crash.  Please note you might be getting a different file name, if this is the case write it down.

System Service Exception what failed

How To Fix System Service Exception

We now know what file is causing the crashes (mwac.sys In this example) we need to find out more information about this file.  Head over to google and search for the file name and work out what it is used for.

To fix the system service exception the first thing we are going to do to is upgrade the device driver that the file uses.

Upgrade Device Driver

The driver has most likely become corrupt or has a bug. To do this follow these steps. If you are unable to locate which driver is having the issue I recommend you upgrade all of the following drivers.

  • Display
  • Network
  • Wifi
  1. Open up device manager (Click start, type in “Device Manager” and hit enter) Now expand the driver that is causing the issues (Below I am using the network adaptor as the example.)
  2. Right click on the device and select properties, then click on the driver tab and note down the driver date and version.  (We can see below the version is
    device manager
  3. Now search on the internet for an updated driver. We are looking for a driver newer than 26/03/2016 or Download that driver and save it to your machine.
  4. Now head back to device manager and right click on the device and select update driver, Follow the prompts to update.
    update driver
  5. Restart your machine after the driver has been updated. Monitor if your machine still has the issue. If your machine still has the System Service Exception error try the next fix.

Note : If you are experiencing the system service exception blue screen whilst gaming then the most common issue will be an issue with your device driver.

Re-Install Device Driver

  1. The issue could be caused by a corrupt device driver. We are going to uninstall and reinstall the driver which should resolve this issue.
  2. Open up device manager (Click start, type in “Device Manager” and hit enter) Now expand the driver that is causing the issues, right click on the device and select “Uninstall Device”uninstall driver
  3. When the driver has been uninstalled reboot your machine.  This will completely remove the driver from your system.
  4. The driver should auto install when windows 10 has restarted.  Go back in to device manager and right click on the device and select update driver, Follow the prompts to update.

Check Hard Drive For Corruption

It is possible that either a device driver or a windows 10 operating system file has become corrupt and is causing the crashes when that file writes data to system memory.

To check your hard drive for errors do the following

  1. Click Start, type “CMD” then right click on CMD and select run as administrator
  2. In the black windows that pops up type in “CHKDSK /f /r”
  3. The scan with either run or you will be prompted to type y then restart your machine
  4. When the scan is finished restart your machine

check disk for errors

Again monitor your system and continue to the next fix if needed.

Reseat Memory Modules

It is possible that one of your memory modules is not in the slot correctly. To reseat your memory module do the following

  1. Make sure your computer is turned off
  2. Remove the power cable from your computer
  3. If you are using a laptop remove the battery
  4. Locate where your memory modules are (You might need to look in your computers manual)
  5. Remove one memory module at a time and replace the memory module back in the same slot
    reseat memory modules
  6. Connect battery + power
  7. Turn your machine back on

Run Windows Updates

Microsoft are releasing hotfixes / updates for the windows 10 operating system every month, It is possible that one of these updates will resolve the issue we are having.

To run windows updates

  1. Click start menu
  2. Click the settings button (Looks like a gear)
  3. Click Update and Security
  4. Click Windows Update tab in the sidebar
  5. Click Check for updates
  6. Your machine will now contact the Microsoft update server and will download and install any updates that are found

Remove Recently Installed Software

Is some recently installed software on your machine causing these Bad_Pool_Header crashes?  Just to be safe lets uninstall any software that was installed when the crashes started.  To uninstall recently installed software follow these steps

  1. Click start and type in programs
  2. click on Add or remove programs
    add remove programs
  3. Now click on sort by and select Installation date, Then take a look at the date of when software was installed.  In the example below if the crashes started on 09/04/2020 I would uninstall the three programs that were installed
    remove recently installed software
  4. After the applications have been removed reboot your machine and monitor your system

Run The Windows 10 Blue Screen Troubleshooter Tool

Windows 10 has a built in blue screen troubleshooter tool that we can use to troubleshoot the system service exception crashes.  To use the tool follow these steps.

  • Click on the start menu and click the Settings app
  • Click on Update & Security
  • In the left menu click on Troubleshoot
  • Under Blue Screen click on Run the troubleshooter
    System Service Exception Troubleshooter
  • Now follow the prompts
  • The tool will now scan your system and will automatically apply any fixes needed
  • Reboot your machine

Upgrade Computers BIOS

If your Computer is running an old version of a system BIOS then your machine could have a bug in the BIOS that is causing these system service exception blue screens.

Check online if there is a BIOS update available for your system and install it.

Remove External Devices

It is possible that an external device that is connected to your machine is causing the crashes.  Remove all externally connected devices that you can from your system, These include

  • USB Mouse / Keyboard
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • External Hard Drive
  • External CD / DVD Drive
  • Docking Stations

Now plug each device in one by one and monitor for a few hours / days before adding the next hardware device back.

Hardware Issue

Did you add any new hardware to your system recently?  Even a new USB mouse / keyboard? If yes remove that hardware and monitor if the crashes stop.

Its also worth removing the memory modules that are installed in your system, blowing inside the connectors then re-install the memory,  It is possible a memory module was lose?

Check System For Viruses

Virus’s are also known to cause the Page Fault In Nonpaged Area Blue Screen error in Windows 10. Make sure your anti virus is up to date and perform a full scan of your system.

If you don’t have any anti-virus installed download and install AVG Anti Virus, they have a free virus scanner which is really good (I use it all the time)

You can also perform an online virus scan by visiting this link, The website will scan your local machine and will remove any viruses you might have.

System Service Exception While Gaming

If you are getting system system service exception crashes while gaming this will usually be because of an issue with your graphics driver or your machine is overheating. More info here

Graphics Driver – First thing to do would be to upgrade your graphic card driver to the latest version.  Also check if there are any known issues with your graphics card by googling.

Overheating – Does your machine have good enough ventilation ? Are all the fans in your computer working?

Overclocking – Are you overclocking your machine? If yes reduce the overclocking temporary to see if the crashes stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about this blue screen error

My machine is boot looping with the system service exception error?

If your machine is constantly boot looping and showing the system service exception error then you will need to create a boot disk and run some recovery applications.  For more information how to do this click here

How To Fix System Service Exception gdrv2.sys?

If you are receiving the system service exception gdrv2.sys error then the issue is being caused by Gigabyte hardware. First thing to do would be to upgrade all Gigabyte drivers as well as your systems BIOS.  You can also try to uninstall the AI Suite software if it is installed on your machine. Source

How To Fix cldflt.sys System Service Exception?

If you see the cldflt.sys file on a system service exception blue screen then this is most likely caused by a windows update that was recently installed.  I recommend that you run windows update and install all the latest updates on your machine.