What Are Nintendo Wii cIOS

If you have softmodded your nintendo wii you will know that you need to install a few cIOS’s, But do you know exactly what they are and what they do?? In this guide I will explain exactly what a Wii cIOS is and why we need them


What Does cIOS Stand for?

cIOS stands for “Custom Input / Output System” but also known as “Custom Internal Operating System”

What Is An IOS?

IOS stands for “Input / Output System” or “Internal Operating System” this is considered to be where the nintendo wiis core operating system is stored

What Is A Wii cIOS? What Does It Actually Do?

Most people think that a wii cIOS is some type of firmware, Thats exactly what i thought as we had to install many wii cIOS’s to mod our Wiis, and newer games also require newer cIOS’s. But this is incorrect, a Wii cIOS is not firmware.

The best way to describe a wii cIOS is a nintendo wiis operating system file, These cIOS’s are stored on a special “nintendo wii system chip” This system chip is basically where the operating system is stored on your wii. When this chip communicates with a wii device such as the controller it uses a certain cIOS to process the request, then if the wii needs to communicate with another device such as the DVD drive it uses a different cIOS.

Certain games require certain cIOS’s to be installed on your wii, For example, The game rock band requires cIOS37 to be installed on your wii. cIOS37 is the cIOS that your Wii uses to communicate with the USB microphone, So with out this cIOS installed your Wii can not communicate with your USB microphone.

Why Does the Wii Need / Use cIOS?

Nintendo decided that cIOS’s were the best way to unlock features of the nintendo wii (For example adding a new device such as a microphone) and also was the best way to patch there system

What nintendo wii cIOS’s are for the Wiis OS?

There are two nintendo wii IOS (Not cIOS) that you should never try to uninstall as they will brick your system if you managed to remove them. They are IOS36 and IOS38, these two IOS’s are reserved for the core of nintendo wiis operating system.

What Is IOS249?

If you have softmodded your nintendo wii you will have seen this IOS alot. This IOS is the one that enables your wii to be modded / hacked. It is a customized version of the IOS36 which enables features such as DVD playback and also USB external storage.

Applications such as Homebrew Channel, USB Loader and so on directly communicate with IOS249 which enables us to play homebrew games or even play our backup copys of our wii games.

What Is IOS222?

Another IOS that you would of seen if you have soft modded your nintendo wii. There is a limitation of IOS249 where it can not communicate with 2 or more USB devices at the same time. So if you are playing Rock Band via a USB external drive you will not be able to use the USB microphone.

IOS222 fixes this limitation of more than 1 USB devices connected to the system. I have been advised that if your USB Loader program prompts you witch IOS you want to use 249 or 222 select 249. Only select IOS222 if you have problems with IOS249

Can I Uninstall My cIOS’s?

Yes, you will not brick your nintendo wii if you uninstall a cIOS. The only thing that will happen is you will lose a function / feature. For example we know that cIOS37 is used to communicate with the nintendo wiis USB Microphone, so if you remove cIOS37 you wont be able to use your USB microphone.

What cIOS’s + IOS Should I Not Uninstall?

cIOS’s you can uninstall no problem. With IOS dont uninstall any with 2 digits, for example IOS30 IOS34 IOS36 IOS38, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR NINTENDO WII IF YOU REMOVE ANY OF THESE IOS’S

How Can I Remove a IOS or cIOS?

The easiest way to uninstall them is to use Any Title Deleter