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Hello and welcome to my site.  I have been working in IT for over 25 years now and I thought I would start this site to help others and also document the things I am working on. I currently work for a large company in the IT department.

Meet The Authors

Currently there is only one author, I hope to get some more on board soon.

Jason Barrett

Role : Site Owner + Publisher
Joined : Around 2010
About Me : I have been working in IT for over 25 years. I started as a hardware engineer fixing Printers, PCs and Laptops.  I then moved in to service desk and then progressed all the way to 3rd line technical engineer.
Profile Page : Here
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I have achieved the following certifications

  • Modern Desktop Administrator Associate (Windows 10)
  • System Center Configuration Manager
  • Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA)
  • Citrix Certified Administrator for Citrix XenServer 6

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What We Do

I started this site in 2010 with the goal to help as many people as I can fix their computers with out seeking professional help.

I also work in IT and I use this site to document the fixes I come across.  If you have any issues that are not covered on this site please contact us and we will help you and write an article about it.